Engage the Power is a global initiative to fuel the hope for democracy by supporting the diverse global public to raise questions, exchange knowledge, and organize for action.  Our work is putting the capacity for inquiry, understanding and innovation into the hands of the global public. We believe that the voices, needs and visions of countless people throughout the world are consistently underrepresented in public and political debates that shape the priorities and future of neighborhoods, towns, cities, nations and the world.  Though our principle of designing for the margins, we work to include and engage these segments of the global public in changing the terms of political debate, public learning and civic action.

A project of the Tides Center, Engage the Power launched in 2003 as dropping knowledge with offices in Berlin and San Francisco.  In September of 2006, in Berlin German, we created our signature event, the Table of Free Voices.  In 2008, the Berlin-based team became Mindpirates and took on the responsibility of curating the material from the first Table of Free Voices.  Engage the Power is responsible for advancing the practice of engagement and inclusion throughout the world.