At eTp we start with the simple premise: asking questions invites people into conversation, rather than shutting down discussion by giving only answers.  eTp seeks to generate dialogue as a crucial first step in creating actual change on the ground—change that is effective, long-lasting and sustainable. We do this by asking questions ourselves and by promoting the practice of asking questions.

eTp promotes the power of  questions through Daily Question Ads and Question  Video, which together encourage the public to donate their questions. We conduct media outreach through our website, televised public service announcements, and online and print advertising inviting participants to raise questions they believe are of great importance and to submit them to our website.

The eTp process of empowering the question provides opportunity for the world to see the questions of people not often included in the democratic process.  By sharing the questions and knowledge of people often excluded from public dialogue, we are both giving them another vision of themselves and their thinking, plus we are creating opportunity for the broader public to learn from them and see them in a different light.