At Engage the Power (eTp) we work to bring the diverse voices of the public, especially those traditionally underrepresented, into the public sphere. The practice of asking questions is at the core of our theory of social change.  We believe that when people are invited to name and share the questions that are most important to them, they also start sharing what they know about themselves, their culture and their environments. When people share their knowledge, they may find similar experiences or common solutions, just as they may also realize that there is not necessarily just one story but multiple stories to be negotiated.

In 2006, as dropping knowledge, eTp pioneered the  Table of Free Voices (TOFV) as a unique, simple and powerful tool to support the diverse and complex global public to engage in dialogue, learning, and action for the social change it seeks. In the three years we have been developing, testing and refining TOFV, it has proven to be an effective means for engaging people from all walks of life to raise their questions to the world.  With each Table of Free Voices, we are creating a modern infrastructure for the global public to ask questions, get information from one place and share it with people next door, across the street, in different neighborhoods, states, regions, and on the other side of the world.